The Dorothy Hewett Award 2022 – short list

So my unpublished manuscript has been shortlisted for The Dorothy Hewett Award. My life as a poet has just changed and dreams are most certainly coming true in one way or another. Thank you to UWA Publishing and all the judges and congratulations to all the short listed. – judges’ comments ‘How to Order EggsContinue reading “The Dorothy Hewett Award 2022 – short list”

Desire & Abjection Poetry Workshop

I am hosting a poetry workshop (online) this Friday, the 1st of April for OOTA (non-oota members are also welcome). We will be exploring abject art, desire, and sexual expression to source inspiration for writing poetry. Eventbrite link to book below. Tickets close this Friday morning at 8am. Age18+

Cutlery & Symmetry Poetry Workshop

This event is now online. Tomorrow! As part of the OOTA (Out of the Asylum) Writers’ Friday workshops, I will be hosting this event online Friday, 18th March. Delve into Susan Sontag’s ‘Where the Stress falls’ to draw inspiration from cutlery and symmetry to write quizzical poems. There will be poems to explore, essays byContinue reading “Cutlery & Symmetry Poetry Workshop”

Clean by Scott-Patrick Mitchell

New poetry After I washed the dishes last night, I sat down with a glass of wine to read Scott-Patrick Mitchell‘s first full-length collection, Clean. I read it right through. Divided into two parts, Dirty & Clean, it was impossible to put down at the end of Dirty, with my jaw clenched and desperate forContinue reading “Clean by Scott-Patrick Mitchell”

Westerly 66.2

After a fruitful year working with the wonderful staff at Westerly, my mentor, Lucy Dougan, and collaborating with the other participants in the Westerly Writers’ Development Program and mid-career fellows, two of my poems were published in Westerly 66.2. Westerly is W.A.’s premier literary journal and a fabulous bi-monthly to subscribe to. Kate NoskeContinue reading “Westerly 66.2”

Annette Cameron Encouragement Award for unpublished W.A. Poet

I won! It was very exciting to win first place for this award for my poem, ‘Impossible Jeans’. Many thanks to Katharine Susannah Prichard Writers’ Centre and the judge Caitlin Maling. Here is what Caitlin had to say about my poem: ‘First Place went to “Impossible Jeans” by Lisa Collyer, WA. There’s a contained furyinContinue reading “Annette Cameron Encouragement Award for unpublished W.A. Poet”