Well-Known Corners – Poetry On The Move

Thank you to Poetry On The Move for including me in their Well-Known Corners project. International and Domestic poets were asked to respond to the concept of ‘home’ as a result of Covid-19. My poem ‘Contain’ was inspired by a ceramic bamboo bowl that triggered a memory of travel abroad. You can read it here:Continue reading “Well-Known Corners – Poetry On The Move”

The Jazz Cellar and other poems by Western Australian poets will be screened as part of the Perth Poetry Festival on the super screens in Northbridge Piazza and The Cultural Centre Perth, Western Australia everyday at 12-1 pm and 3-4pm until the end of October. The Jazz Cellar is a fabulous venue to take a few friends for a dance to a swinging jazz band. Check out their website to book.


Creatrix no. 49 Poetry

Creatrix 49 Poetry The poem ‘How to Stay Put’ was my response to the domesticity we all underwent during the March/April shutdown. The home became the focus with a flurry of vegetable growing and homemade produce. I drew my inspiration from the Victory Gardens that were an essential part of feeding the population during WorldContinue reading “Creatrix no. 49 Poetry”