Desire & Abjection Poetry Workshop

I am hosting a poetry workshop (online) this Friday, the 1st of April for OOTA (non-oota members are also welcome). We will be exploring abject art, desire, and sexual expression to source inspiration for writing poetry. Eventbrite link to book below. Tickets close this Friday morning at 8am. Age18+

Cutlery & Symmetry Poetry Workshop

This event is now online. Tomorrow! As part of the OOTA (Out of the Asylum) Writers’ Friday workshops, I will be hosting this event online Friday, 18th March. Delve into Susan Sontag’s ‘Where the Stress falls’ to draw inspiration from cutlery and symmetry to write quizzical poems. There will be poems to explore, essays byContinue reading “Cutlery & Symmetry Poetry Workshop”

Doilies, Desire & Corridors

Woodbridge House poetry reading & writing workshop. Walk, listen to, and write poetry in response to Woodbridge House. On the 20th November I will be facilitating my first community engagement activity as part of the writer-in-residence, Inspire National Trust of W.A. program. The three hour workshop will include a tour and reading in Woodbridge houseContinue reading “Doilies, Desire & Corridors”