Published Poetry

‘Waxen Limbs’

published in Recoil 12 – an anthology of poetry features from 2020.

Purchase from Perth Poetry Club

‘the hair salon’

published in Not Very Quiet – an online journal for women’s poetry.

Read here

‘The Beauty Police’

published in Cordite Poetry Review

Read here

‘Trailing Towards the Light’

published in four W New Writing

available to purchase


published in Creatrix no. 51 available to view here

‘The Muse as Artist’

Published in Poetry d’Amour 2020

Available to purchase

‘Carnal Rites’

Published in Underground Writers: Horror Issue no. 32 #free download


Published in ‘Wrong Way Go Back’

Available to purchase

‘The Waters Are Rising’

Published in ‘Letters to Our Home: A Creative Response to the Climate Crisis’

Available to purchase

‘The Jazz Cellar’


‘Irritable Bowel’

‘How to Stay Put’


Published online at ‘Poetry on the Move’

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